Manufacture Base

Hunan DOUHE Intelligent Electric Appliance Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DOUHE Group, is located on the Lanyuegu Intelligent Appliance Accessories Industrial Park of Ningxiang Economic Development Zone,Changsha,China(the National Economic and Technological Development Zone).
Founded in May, 2021 and put into production in Oct, 2021, it’s registered with CNY 50million.Since Changsha Factory covers an area of nearly 60,000 square meters and we have planed to expand another 130,000m², we are devoted to build a world-leading industrial park in small household appliance filed.
In addition, DOUHE has over 350 employees in Mold and Injection Plant Electronics Plant and Assembly Plant, and has planed to found Metal Spraying Plant and Core Accessories Plant.

Supporting Plant

Production Lines


Factory Area

Injection Plant

There are 23 injection machines in the plant and will be 30 machines in 2022, with 100% manipulator and 90% automatic in production. And there are 10 mold machines and 6 lines used for screen printing and assembly, plus with individual Material Test Room and Mold-fixed Workshop.
In addition to those machines and workshops within the injection plant, a digital management system has developed to automatically record data from production, quality to machine function, and to realize the Integrated Operation from injection-to-Screen Printing and Laser Marking-to-Assemble.
In condition, the injection plant has played a role in plastic accessories used for most appliances, like heater, dehumidifier, mosquito killer, fan, purifier and humidifier.

Injection Machines

Assemble Line

Molds remained

Automatic Operation

Electronic Plant

There are 2 SMT lines, 2 RI lines, 1 AI line, 4 MI lines in the plant. Another automatic line will be developed in 2022, then annual capacity will be two times in 2023(compared with 5million pieces in 2022).
And there are 100 employees in the plant, 25 mates among whom as core personnel. As each core employee has 10-year experience in small appliance field, they are sophisticated in researching, developing, and manufacture the PCB of the products.
Besides, a digital management system has developed to automatically record data from production, quality to machine function.

Annual Capacity

PCB processed line

Core Personnel


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